Materials & Structure Laboratory conducts research and development work as well as provides services in the following areas:

Fire protection of the rolling stock:

  • laboratory tests of inflammability and smoke properties, as well as toxicity of the combustion products concerning the materials intended for the use in construction, equipment and repair of the rolling stock in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 45545-2, including elements of the electrical installation,
  • evaluation of electrical and electrotechnical equipment on or in a railway vehicle,
  • evaluation of compliance with fire safety requirements for rail vehicles according to PN-EN 45545-1-7  and TSI SRT, TSI LOC&PAS, TSI WAG.

More information on the scope of fire tests is available in the tab NON-METALLIC MATERIAL SECTION



Tests of materials and elements of metal and concrete structures used in the rolling stock
and the railway infrastructure:

  • measurements of strength of elements and structures on a test stand with multiaxial load and with uniaxial load,
  • measurements and stress analysis with the use of strain gauge methods,
  • mechanical tests of materials (including trolley wires),
  • ultrasonic and magnetic-particle defectoscopy,
  • microscopic and macroscopic tests of metal materials.

More information on the scope of fire tests is available in the tab METALLIC MATERIAL SECTION



Tests of physico-chemical parameters:

  • tests of paint and anti-corrosion coatings,
  • tests of wooden elements of the railway line,
  • tests of  physical properties of chemical products such as: cleaning agents, lubricants, herbicides for weeding of the railway line,
  • corrosion tests of railway infrastructure elements.

More information on the scope of fire tests is available in the tab CHEMISTRY AND ANTICORROSION SECTION



Consultancy and expert opinions concerning:

  • proper selection of structural and fitting materials as well as consumables for  the rolling stock to enhance safety and to reduce losses resulting from the fires, as well as increased expenditures connected with the operation costs,
  • post-accident reasons.



Training Centre for operators of supersonic inspection in railway maintenance sector.



Materials & Structure Laboratory  has an implemented quality system and PCA accreditation

(certificate AB 369).

The implementation of works, tests and expert opinions is always carried out in accordance with standard methods and, at the same time, in a way that guarantees meeting the requirements set by the clients. The quality policy implemented in our Laboratory is to ensure a high level of services.

We maintain independence, objectivity and confidentiality during the execution of a given order and after its completion. We constantly improve the effectiveness of the management system and meet the requirements of accreditation and certification bodies, related to contract agreements. Accreditation of the Laboratory is an objective proof that we operate in accordance with the best practice, which affects the high quality of services and staff competence.

The current scope of accreditation of the Laboratory can be found on tab ZAKRES AKREDYTACJI LABORATORIUM BADAWCZEGO Nr AB 369

We are an approved laboratory by CERTIFER (French Railway Certification Company)
in the field of fire tests. The list of tests is available on the website


Head of Materials & Structure Laboratory

Jolanta Maria Radziszewska-Wolińska, Ph.D., Eng.

phone +48 22 47 31 370

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