The Materials & Structure Laboratory conducts research and development work as well as provides services in the following areas:

Fire protection of the rolling stock:

  • Laboratory tests in inflammabilityand smoke formation porperties, as well as toxicity of the combustion productscoincerning the materials intended for the use in construction, equipment and repair of the rolling stock;
  • Computer aided simulation of fire propagation in a passenger cart;

Evaluation of physical and mechanical parameters of non-ferrous materials:

  • Tests of elements made of plastic, rubber as well as textiles intended for the rolling stock or permanent way;
  • Research work on the effect of sub-freezing temperatures, high temperatures and chemical agents on the above mentioned properties;
  • Tests of paint and anticorrosion coatings;
  • Tests of wooden elements of the railway line;

Evaluation of consummables and environmental pollution:

  • Tests of cleaning agents;
  • Tests of lubricants;
  • Tests of the efficiency of herbicides;

Tests of materials and elements of metal and concrete structures used in the rollong stock and the railway infrastructure:

  • Measurements of strength of elements and structures on test rings with complex load patterns;
  • Measurements of strength of elements and structureson test rings with uniaxial load;
  • Measurements of strength of elements and structures with the use of resistance tensometry methods;
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection;
  • Tests of mechanical properties of materials;
  • Microscopic and macroscopic tests of material elements;

Consultacy and expert oppinions comcerning proper selection of structural and fitting materials as well as consumables for the rolling stock to enhance safety and to reduce losses resulting from fires, as well as increased expenditures connected with the operation costs .

Photo Gallery

We invite you to visit the gallery of the Materials & Structure Laboratory in which we present you with photographs of meetings, workshops and conferences organised by our Laboratory.


Head of Laboratory:

Jolanta Radziszewska-Wolińska Ph.D., Eng.

phone +48 22 47 31 370,