Rail Vehicles Department carries out tests on practical use, as well as, scientific and
research work on all types of rail vehicles:

  • Locomotives,
  • Articulated trains,
  • Rail buses,
  • Passenger and freight cars,
  • Special purpose vehicles, including those for the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure,
  • Underground train cars,
  • Trams.


The offer of Rail Vehicles Department:

As part of the process of applying for approval certificates for a specified and unspecified period for a railway vehicle type or its subassembly issued by the UTK, as an Authorised Unit, we:

  • Carry out compliance work for technical documentation components,
  • Execute various test programmes,
  • Execute tests necessary to issue a certificate for an unspecified period,
  • Prepare technical opinions.

We also

  • Evaluate the technical condition of vehicles,
  • Develop technical requirements for rolling stock under the Specification Of Substantial Requirements of the Order,
  • Provide technical consultancy services concerning purchase, approvals and use of rail vehicles,
  • Develop testing programmes for new and modernized vehicles necessary to obtain type approval certificates (UTK) and an EC Compliance Certificate for compliance with the interoperability requirements (TSI).

Head of Department

Sławomir Walczak, M.Sc. Eng.

phone +48 22 47 31 330

+48 22 47 31 274