Rail Vehicles Department carries out tests on practical use, as well as, scientific and
research work on all types of rail vehicles:

  • Locomotives
  • Articulated trains,
  • Rail buses,
  • Passenger and freight cars,
  • Special purpose vehicles, including those for the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure,
  • Underground train cars,
  • Trams.



The offer of Rail Vehicles Department:

As part of the process of applying for approval certificates for a specified and unspecified period for a railway vehicle type or its subassembly issued by the UTK, as an Authorised Unit, we:

  • Carry out compliance work for technical documentation components,
  • Execute various test programmes,
  • Execute tests necessary to issue a certificate for an unspecified period,
  • Prepare technical opinions.

We also

  • Evaluate the technical condition of vehicles,
  • Develop technical requirements for rolling stock under the Specification Of Substantial Requirements of the Order,
  • Provide technical consultancy services concerning purchase, approvals and use of rail vehicles,
  • Develop testing programmes for new and modernized vehicles necessary to obtain type approval certificates (UTK) and an EC Compliance Certificate for compliance with the interoperability requirements (TSI).



Head of Department:
Sławomir Walczak M.Sc. Eng.
phone +48 22 47 31 330
+48 22 47 31 274