The Rolling Stock Testing Laboratory carries out tests as well scientific and research work on all kinds of rail vehicles:

  • Locomotives,
  • Articulated trains,
  • Rail buses,
  • Passenger and freight cars,
  • Special purpose vehicles, including those for railway infrastructure construction and maintenance,
  • Underground train cars,
  • Trams.


The Rolling Stock Testing Laboratory:

  • The full range of rail vehicle tests - necessary to obtain:
    • A railway vehicle type approval certificate issued by the Office for Rail Transport (UTK),
    • A TSI requirements compliance certificate issued by the Notified Unit,
  • Full-scale crash tests,
  • Measurement of the noise and vibration caused in the environment by moving vehicles.


The Rolling Stock Testing Laboratory has specialised test facilities:

  • Testing ground for crash tests,
  • Test stand for safety tests during pushing through inverted curves,
  • Wheel sets for measuring Y and Q contact forces (EBA approved),
  • Mobile measuring laboratories cars,
  • Test stand for measuring car anti-torque,
  • Test buffing stand for measuring stress during crashes (Vmax: 40km/h),
  • Stands for stationary and kinetic brake tests, including run tests on the St. Gotthard Pass, complete assemblies on vehicles, individual brake components and their common operation in a train,
  • Test stand for checking friction characteristics of brake components (a dynamometer homologated at UIC),
  • Stand for measuring external noise - according to the TSI NOI requirements,
  • Stands for measuring illumination intensity, noise, vibrations and temperature inside vehicles.



Research procedures


Head of Laboratory

Sławomir Walczak, M.Sc. Eng.

phone +48 22 47 31 330

+48 22 47 31 274