The Laboratory offers its services in the range of:

  • calibration of instruments measuring length and angle as well as surface geometry,
  • calibration of measuring instruments for electrical quantities,
  • measurement of geometric dimensions,
  • measurements of rolling stock and railway infrastructure elements.

PCA Accreditation


It is the only laboratory in Poland which is accredited for the calibration of measuring instruments intended for railway measurements.

Instruments for wheelsets wheels rolling diameter measurement
Calipers for external outline measurement of wheelsets wheels
Instruments for measuring the distance between the bumper axis and rail head
Measuring resistance of a sleeper with its fastening system (not accredited)

Moreover, the Metrology Laboratory calibrates the most commonly used measuring instruments in terms of length, surface geometry and electrical quantities in the scope of its accreditation.


Gauge Blocks ((0.5 ÷ 100) mm set of nominal size)
Gauge Blocks ((125 ÷ 500) mm set of nominal size)
Outside Micrometers
Dial and Electronic Digital Indicators
Feeler Gauges (Taper blades, Straight blades) (thickness)
Depth Calipers
Depth Micrometers
Height Gauges
Standard Rods for zero setting of outside micrometers
Internal Micrometers
Indicating snap Micrometer
Optic Flat

Multi-meters, calibrators, analogue and digital voltage, current and resistance meters, RLC bridges, volume counters, induction gauges, analogue and digital active power gauges, frequency meters, clamp meters, fixed and variable resistors, shunts, fixed and variable reference capacitors, fixed and variable reference coils.

The laboratory's many years of experience in measuring and calibrating instruments allows us to offer our clients the highest quality services. We would like to invite you to contact the employees of the Laboratory who offer advice and provide detailed information on calibrations and measurements.

Head of Laboratory

Małgorzata Kucińska, M.Sc., Eng.

phone +48 22 47 31 542