Electric Power Department

Electric Power Department conducts tests and research works in the following fields:

  • Traction electric power systems,
  • Overhead contact systems,
  • Non-traction electric power systems,
  • Electrical apparatus and devices,
  • Pantographs.

Electric Power Department offers:

  • Tests of elements of electric traction power system,
  • Assessment of electric traction power systems and analysis of the related effects,
  • General analyses of the power demand and the provision of power by the traction power supply systems in terms of the required quality,
  • Tests of overhead contact systems and their elements,
  • Tests of dynamic interaction between pantographs and overhead contact lines,
  • Development of requirements and technical standards for the overhead contact systems,
  • Development of diagnostic techniques for the overhead contact systems,
  • Tests of the pantographs and their elements,
  • Tests of the quality of AC and DC electric energy,
  • Tests of non-traction electric power systems,
  • Evaluation of the conformity of product quality with Polish and European Standards,
  • Drawing up documents and opinions for the purpose of product qualification.

Head of Department

Artur Rojek, Ph. D. Eng.

phone +48 22 47 31 040

+48 22 47 31 310



Head of Laboratory

Włodzimierz Kruczek, M.Sc. Eng.

phone +48 22 47 31 086