Railway Track and Operation Department is active in the following areas:


  • Organization and technology of rail transport,
  • Permanent way engineering,
  • Environmental protection.


Issues concerning organization and technology of rail transport:

  • Preparing requirements related to organization and execution of railway traffic,
  • Developing methods for efficient support and evaluation of the course of transport processes,
  • Preparing concepts for urbanized area traffic services,
  • Studies of passenger and freight services,
  • Preparing expert opinions concerning rail,
  • Projects related to the technology, organization, and logistics in rail transport as well as to the services rendered to the people with reduced mobility (PRM),
  • Freight transport and handling techniques,
  • Forecasts concerning passenger and freight traffic with the use of specialist software.


Issues related to the permanent way:

  • Tests of permanent way and substructure elements,
  • Diagnostics of track and its substructure,
  • Research projects enabling reduction of permanent way maintenance cost,
  • Tests of durability and reliability of permanent way,
  • Expert opinions relating to the technical condition of permanent way and rail traffic safety hazards (excluding engineering installations),
  • Preparing computerized advise programmes to support decisions concerning maintenance and modernization of permanent way and its substructure,
  • Permanent way standardization,
  • Tests of products used in the construction of permanent way, necessary to obtain technical certificates issued by the Railway Research Institute,
  • Preparation, promotion and implementation of new research methods and engineering solutions.


Issues related to the environmental protection:

  • Analysis of  possibilities to reduce negative impact of rail transport on the environment,
  • Participation in projects on transport development concepts with consideration of environmental protection,
  • Preparation and giving opinions on technical standards relating to  environmental protection,
  • Preparation of methodology for environmental impact assessment reports,
  • Preparation of environmental protection programmes in rail transport.

Head of Department

Krzysztof Ochociński M.Sc. Eng.

phone: +48 22 47 31 340