• Tests of the signalling equipment and systems:
    • Tests of the signalling equipment and systems for proper operation,
    • Tests of the signalling equipment and systems for safety,
    • Working out and the verification of the evidence of safety of the signalling equipment,
    • Tests of signalling equipment power supply systems,
    • Examination o turnout heating elements and systems,
    • Examination of the on-board signalling equipment of railway vehicles (railway, urban railway, underground),
    • Examination of overhead contact system return current elements and the rail grounding,
    • Examination of the over-voltage and electric shock protection equipment,
    • Examination of disturbances generated by the rolling stock and their impact on signallingequipment and systems,
    • Laboratory tests of the signalling equipment and components:
      • Mechanical,
      • Electrical,
      • Photometric,
      • Environmental,
      • Electromagnetic compatibility,
      • Durability,
    • Examination of  signalling and control systems in the underground and urban railways,
    • Examination of shunting automatic control systems,
    • Examination of the reliability of equipment and systems,
    • Field tests of equipment and systems,
    • Operating tests of equipment and systems,
    • Verification of the test results obtained by other establishments.

  • Tests of telecommunication equipment and systems as well as electromagnetic
    • Tests of the equipment and systems used for:
      • Wire and radio telecommunication,
      • Passenger information,
      • Closed-circuit television systems,
    • Tests of the EMC strength and resistance of electrical and electronic equipment,
    • Tests of the emission level of radio-electric interference generated by the railway equipment.

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  • Signalling equipment and systems:

    • Study work (e. g. System Requirements, Technical Specifications, Standardisation Documents),
    • Study work on the implementation of the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS),
    • Study work on design of the signalling systems,
    • Study work on the feasibility of signalling systems projects,
    • Evaluation and expert reports (e. g. evaluation of product quality conformance with Polish and European Standards, railway crash and accident expert reports),
    • Analyses and evaluations of processes, operational and diagnostic systems,
    • Analyses and evaluation of the equipment maintenance strategy,
    • Functional tests of relay and electronic interlocking system, automatic block systems,level crossing protection systems, train/track transmission systems, ATP/ATC systems (including ERTMS/ETCS) and other signalling systems for high speed and conventional lines,
    • Safety tests of signalling equipment and systems and safety case verification and validation,
    • Tests required by the Office for Railway Transport (UTK) regarding new signalling systems and devices as well for maintenance & diagnostic systems and technologies,
    • Assistance in the implementation of new solutions,
    • Consulting and training services, apprenticeships offered for the engineers,
    • Technical consulting services in the field of  signalling technology.
  • Telecommunication and radio communication systems and equipment:

    • Basic research and development work on the railway telecommunication and radio communication systems,

    • Assistance in implementation of new solutions,

    • Technical consulting services in IT technology,

    • Opinions and expert reports in the field of telecommunication systems and equipment.

    • Study work (e. g. System Requirements, Technical Specifications, Standardisation Documents).


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Head of Department

Andrzej Toruń Ph.D., D.Sc. Eng., Professor of Railway Research Institute (IK)

phone +48 22 47 31 490

fax +48 22 47 31 036



Head of Laboratory

Andrzej Białoń Ph.D. Eng.

phone  +48 22 473 14 53



Head of Laboratory

Marcin Gołębiewski M.Sc. Eng.

phone +48 22 47 31 457




Anna Grzybowska

tel. +48 22 47 31 490
fax +48 22 47 31 036

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