The Railway Research Institute  (Instytut Kolejnictwa) is a member in many international consortiums. IK is a partner in the following European projects:


  • Academics4Rail 2023.09.01 2027.02.28 Building a community of railway scientific researchers and academia for ERJU and enabling a network of PhDs (academia teaming with industry). More information.
  • FP4 – Rail4EARTH - 2022.12.01 – 2026.11.30 (Sustainable and green rail systems)   More information.
  • FP6 – FutuRe - 2022.12.01 – 2026.11.30 (Delivering Innovative rail services to revitalize capillary lines and Regional rail services)   More information.
  • ExtenSive - 2020.12.01 2023.06.30 Extendnig the attractiveness of transport for end user and extending More information.
  • IN2STEMPO - 2017.09.01 2022.08.31 Innovative Solutions in Future Stations, Energy Metering and Power Supply) More information