The Railway Research Institute holds two key for the railway sector Technical Committees’ secretariats for the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN), which deal with standardization work to implement European standards in Poland and establishing national standards. These are Technical Committee (KT) No. 138 for Railways and Technical Committee No. 61 for Electric Traction Equipment.

Moreover, on a daily basis,  the Institute’s employees follow the Polish and European legislation relating to the interoperability implementation for conventional and high speed rail.  They also participate in the activities of 11 PKN Technical Committees working in the field of issues applicable in tests, research and design of railway systems, equipment, objects and structures.

The knowledge acquired in this way forms an excellent basis to offer information services including a collection of standardization and legislation documents in force for businesses operating on the railway  market.


  • The offer includes lists of:
    • standards in Polish and English introduced by KT no. 138 and KT no. 138 (possible division into standards for particular sectors),
    • drafts of European standards developed by Committees CEN/TC 256 Railway applications and CENELEC/TC 9X Electrical and electronic applications for railways,
    • standards harmonised with European Union’s Directives relating to railways,
    • standards established in Technical Specifications for Interoperability for various subsystems,
    • the EU and Polish legal acts relating to railways,
    • current UIC leaflets.

logo Perinormand the possibility to search compilations of standards in Perinorm database containing bibliographical data of European countries’ national standards as well as all standards issued by ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI.

Update – each month or quarter.

The format of delivered materials – PDF files, prints or dedicated access to website.


Industry standards (BN), internal company standards and UIC leaflets (containing UIC codes) are available in the Institute’s Reading Room.


More information is available at the Scientific, Technical and Standardization Information Centre:
Anna Loryńska, M.Sc. Eng.
tel. +48 22 47 31 604