27.06.2023 11:21

A meeting in memory of Prof. Henryk Bałuch (1932-2020)

A meeting in memory of Prof. Henryk Bałuch (1932 - 2020) was held on 20 June 2023 at the headquarters of the Railway Research Institute in Warsaw.

Prof. Henryk Bałuch was an outstanding scientist in the field of railways, a member of the Transport Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a long-standing employee of the IK and its director, a member of the IK Scientific Council and editor-in-chief of " Railway Reports". He was the author of many publications, including fundamental monographs on the issues of construction and maintenance of railway superstructure, design of geometrical systems of tracks, reliability and safety of tracks.

The bust of the professor was founded on the initiative of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Transportation of the Republic of Poland by the professor's students, persons associated with Professor H. Baluch, as well as business entities benefiting from the results of his work.