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Prepared by a Polish-Ukrainian team of authors, the monograph dealing with the transformation of urban electric transport systems in Ukraine after 1991 is the first comprehensive study of its kind in Poland, as well as one of the few in the world literature at the moment. The subject of the study covers the changes that have taken place in metro, tramway and trolleybus networks in Ukraine over the past 30 years. The monograph contains the most important information about Ukraine and legal acts regulating the functioning of public transport in this country, an outline of the history of urban electric transport, directions of metro, tram and trolleybus networks transformation after 1991, quantitative and qualitative changes of rolling stock, description of the rolling stock in use. A separate chapter is devoted to the problems of passenger railway and the possibility of its inclusion in the system of public transport in the largest agglomerations, together with the authors’ methodology of preliminary route analysis based on maps and satellite images. The publication also discusses the directions of changes, current problems and possibilities of improving the quality of functioning and management of urban public transport in Ukraine. The appendix contains maps showing the changes in all urban electric transport networks over the last 30 years, a list of new and decommissioned network sections, and a detailed account of purchased and in-service rolling stock. The transformation in the title has a negative overtone - after 1991 only 1 underground network and 1 trolleybus network were put into operation, while 7 tramway and 5 trolleybus networks were closed down and further networks are at risk of closure. In the publication the authors introduce the readers to the causes and show the effects of all these transformations that took place on urban electric transport networks in Ukraine during this period.


Author: Andrzej Soczówka and Ivan Rudakevych

ISBN: 978-83-943246-8-1
Number of pages: 440
Bibliography: 156  items
Year of publication: 2021