06.02.2020 14:26

Assistant Professor Degrees awarded to doctor engineer Marek Pawlik

As a result of the review of the set of 17 publications under a common title ”Railway transport safety study from risk analyses and technical safety up to arising method for determining safety, security and cybersecurity functional integrity levels” completed with a monograph entitled “Railway safety and security functional reference model built on data transmission based systems” (http://www.wydawnictwopw.pl/index.php?s=karta&id=3457), and assessment of his professional, didactic and organizational achievements, the Scientific Council of the Civil Engineering and Transport, by Resolution No. 6/I/2019 dated 26 November 2019, awarded assistant professor degree, in the discipline of Civil Engineering and Transport, to doctor engineer Marek Pawlik (orcid: 0000-0003-3357-7706), the deputy director for railway interoperability of the Railway Research Institute.