16.12.2016 11:47

All-Poland’s Economic Summit

For the second time the European Business Center (Europejskie Centrum Biznesu) invited prominent representatives of the world of politics, economy, science and business to participate in All-Poland’s Economic Summit which took place in Warsaw on 5th December.

The event was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Finance and other entities and institutions, the Railway Research Institute including. Three discussion panels were organized, i.e. “Critical infrastructure”, “Infrastructure and transport – railways, roads, ports, urban infrastructure”, as well as “Innovation – inspiration for intelligent cities”.

The subject matter of this year’s conference focused on Polish economy pillars of the future, i.e. sectors, businesses and institutions whose activity and determination contribute to the economic development of Poland.

Discussions in specific thematic panels concentrated on securing Polish economy against risks resulting from investment uncertainty, international situation, security in the area of economy, energy and finance as well as infrastructure and innovation potential.

The panel “Infrastructure and transport – railways, roads, ports, urban infrastructure” was moderated by attorney Marcin Krakowiak – Partner in Domański Zakrzewski Palinka Law Firm. The following invited panel participants spoke in the debate: Kazimierz Smoliński – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, Adrian Furgalski – Vice-Chairman of Management Board in Economic Consultants Group TOR (Zespół Doradców Gospodarczych TOR), Arkadiusz Ignasiak – Supervisory Board member in STK SA,  Paweł SmoleńMember of the Management Board, ERBUD Spolka Akcyjna, Bartosz Soroczyński Member of the Management Board “Initiative for Infrastructure” („Inicjatywa dla Infrastruktury”), Maciej BrzozowskiHead of Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V Representative Office in Poland and Andrzej Żurkowski – Director of the Railway Research Institute.

A heated debate referred to problems of extending transport infrastructure, particularly concerning the involvement of private investors and the possible scenarios of freight transport development. The main focus was to meet the customers’ demands which intermodal transport offers such as hubs, logistic centres etc.

Attention was paid to the ways to convince passengers about advantages and encourage them to use public transport more widely in connection with the possibility of such transport development within local authorities (metropolitan railway). Cities’ image improvement was also discussed, resulting from the extension of modern transport infrastructure.


More information about All-Poland’s Economic Summit you can find here.