20.03.2019 14:01

TRANSPORT of the 21st CENTURY CONFERENCE organized by Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Transport

On June 9-12, 2019, the International Scientific Conference "Transport of the 21st Century" was held  in Ryn. The aim of the conference was to present the achievements of national and foreign research and scientific centers dealing with the issues of rail, road, air and maritime transport in the technical, technological and organizational aspects as well as the integration of the environment which conducts research and education in the discipline CIVIL ENGINEERING and TRANSPORT.

During the Conference, “Advanced Rail Technologies ART 2019” conference panel took place, organized by the Railway Research Institute and the Faculty of Transport of the Warsaw University of Technology. It covered the following research areas of rail transport: railway traffic, railway operation, rail transport infrastructure, traction and rail vehicles, traffic command control and railway ITC, materials engineering and recycling in transport, organization and technology of rail transport.

The speeches presented by the Railway Research Institute’s workers during the conference:

1) Dominik Adamski, Juliusz Furman, Krzysztof Ortel “Selected aspects of electromagnetic fields research generated by the diesel-electric locomotive”

2) Dominik Adamski, Krzysztof Ortel, Łukasz Zawadka “Research on proper integration between an On-board and a Trackside Control-command and Signalling subsystems”

3) Renata Barcikowska “Networking of research institutes in Poland”

4) Kamil Białek, Patryk Wetoszka “Analysis of elimination of electromagnetic disturbances at power ports of railway equipment”

5) Andrzej Białoń, Krzysztof Ortel, Łukasz Zawadka “Issues of description of EMC processes in direct current catenary”

6) Dariusz Brodowski (Railway Research Institute in Warsaw), Mateusz Flis (Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia) “Experimental verification of new methods in railway turnouts’ heating – contactless heaters”

7) Andrzej Chojnacki “The process of obtaining an authorization to put rail vehicles into the service in Poland according to the TSI requirements”

8) Mateusz Flis (Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia), Dariusz Brodowski (Railway Research Institute in Warsaw) “Concepts of energy consumption optimization in the electric turnouts heating process”

9) Juliusz Furman, Andrzej Białoń “Influence of commutation interferences on analysis of harmonics in the traction current”

10) Stanisław Gago (Railway Research Institute in Warsaw), Mirosław Siergiejczyk (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Transport) “Premises for developing an IT network design for railway transport in Poland”

11) Paweł Gradowski, Magdalena Kycko “Influence of the new investment task implementation on the certificated control-command and signalling subsystem”

12) Iwona Karasiewicz “Identification of hazards related to human factors in the railway transport system”

13) Włodzimierz Kruczek “The interaction of the DC traction system with the AC power system through grounding circuits”

14) Magdalena Kycko (Railway Research Institute in Warsaw), Wiesław Zabłocki (Warsaw University of Technology) “Risks in investment processes comprising the railway traffic control systems”

15) Andrzej Massel “What is the actual utilization of the train maximum speed?”

16) Andrzej Miszkiewicz, Krzysztof Tchórzewski “Levels of electromagnetic fields from railway vehicles in the context of the formal requirements applicable in the railway environment and the regulations on the protection of populations”

17) Marek Pawlik “Rail transport systems safety, security and cybersecurity Functional Integrity Levels”

18) Krzysztof Polak (Railway Research Institute in Warsaw), Jarosław Korzeb (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Transport) “Measurements of noise originating from high speed rail vehicles”

19) Artur Rojek “Breaking time of DC high-speed circuit-breakers”

20) Marek Sumiła “Methodical approach to assessing interference in GSM-R network”

21) Waldemar Szulc, Marek Fiedziuk “Railway Test Track’s Research potential and importance for railways”

22) Andrzej Wolff (Warsaw University of Technology), Jacek Kukulski (Railway Research Institute in Warsaw) “Initial numerical and experimental analysis of the heat transfer process in a railway disc brake tested on an inertial stand”

23) Łukasz Zawadka, Dominik Adamski “Selected aspects of Control-Command and Signalling On-board Subsystem verification”.