18.08.2017 11:41


On 26 June, the Railway Research Institute (IK), represented by its Director Andrzej Żurkowski, Ph.D. Eng. and EUROLOOP (Limited liability company) represented by company founder and President of the Management Board Marek Gutt-Mostowy and Director for Operations and PR Piotr Krzemiński signed a letter of intent at the IK headquarters, regarding cooperation in developing modern transport solutions based on Hyperloop technology.

Considering the need to develop cutting edge transport solutions and to be involved in implementing provisions of the Polish Government’s economic projects, particularly the Plan towards Responsible Development,  the parties of the Letter of Intent expressed their wish to cooperate mainly, but not only, in the area of legislation, standardization and traffic management systems.

„Access to resources that the Railway Research Institute has at its disposal is indispensable in such an interdisciplinary project as Hyperloop technology research and development. We are pleased that the Institute will support us with its knowledge, experience and access to modern laboratories”, said Marek Gutt-Mostowy.

According to the assumptions, Hyperloop is to be a transport system that uses passenger or freight capsules moving in a low pressure tube. Such conditions allow eradicating almost entire air resistance and consequently, travelling at a speed of approx. 1200 km/h. An idea invented many years ago, was developed by Elon Musk, the boss of, among others, Tesla and SpaceX. The Euroloop company derives directly from the team who was awarded the main prize for the most innovative capsule (pod) in a competition organized by Elon Musk in January 2017, coming ahead of over 1200 teams from all over the world. The capsule is to be applied first for freight transport, whereas transporting people is a matter of at least 10 – 15 years.

“Poland has an excellent access to container terminals, it is growing to deserve the name of a European transportation hub, and eventually the New Silk Road is to finish here. It is a huge potential to use Hyperloop technology”, underlined  Marek Gutt-Mostowy.