15.09.2016 10:55


On 3 August 2016 on the basis of The President’s of the Office of Rail Transport  (UTK) decision no. DZTI-WI.810.8.2016, the Railway Research Institute was formally authorized as a Designated Body (DeBo) for conducting technical testing necessary in order to receive type attestations, as well as issuing certificates of conformity with type for relevant railway constructions, equipment and vehicles.

The authorization includes conducting activities with regard to the Minister’s of Infrastructure and Development Regulation of 13 May 2014 on placing into service of certain railway constructions, equipment and vehicles (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 720).

The Railway Institute has been performing such activities for many years. However, changes in the Polish law have necessitated the confirmation of the Institute’s competence by expanding the Polish Centre’s for Accreditation (PCA) accreditation certificate (AC 128) followed by the authorization issued on the basis of the UTK President’s decision. It refers to, among others, turnouts,  interlocking frames at railway stations, level-crossing signalling systems, return current circuit in the traction power supply system as well as specialized vehicles e.g  shunting locomotives,  underground trains,  and road-rail vehicles..

Thus the range of  assessment processes performed by the Railway Research Institute as a Notified Body (NoBo) in reference to European requirements including for instance railway line sections, locomotives and multiple units (EMUs and DMUs) was complemented by the assessment processes conducted by the Institute as a Designated Body (DeBo), authorized according to the Polish law in force.

Such processes are carried out with regard to railway requirements included in the so called President’s of the Office of Rail Transport list.