16.12.2016 12:00

Director of Railway Research Institute joined International Railway Research Board (IRRB)

During the 89th General Assembly of the International Union of Railways (UIC) held on 1 December in Saint Petersburg, Director of the Railway Research Institute, Andrzej Żurkowski was elected to International Railway Research Board (IRRB).

As a result of UIC General Assembly election, Prof.  Boris Lapidus (RZD) was renewed as IRRB Chairman, whereas Vicky Brown (ACRI), Guven Kandemir (TCDD), Prof. Marc Robinson (Newcastle University), Roman Sterba, Ms Brown (ACRI) and  Andrzej Żurkowski (Railway Research Institute) were appointed as vice-chairpersons of IRRB.

Director A. Żurkowski will be in charge of a task from Area 1, i.e. Update of the Global Vision for Railway Development.

IRRB, an international Board founded by UIC, is aimed at providing coordination of activities to effectively implement technical, technological and organizational innovations in rail transport. The Board’s activities in this respect support the development of national and regional transport, elevating it to a global rank.

Through its activity, IRRB contributes to the development and support of scientific environment by helping to create international research projects. Particular attention is drawn to the coordination of undertaken research, development of respective centres, maintaining intellectual property rights of partners concerned.

IRRB is also a platform to exchange research results concerning rail transport in different countries. The Board takes effort so as to take advantage of global research and innovation potential for the benefit of railways - UIC members  worldwide, through close cooperation, building connections between research centres on different continents and finding funds to support research and development on a global scale.