11.01.2022 10:09

RESEARCH FOR RAIL TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT - IK Young Staff Carry out Research Projects

The Railway Research Institute's scientific activity is carried out within the framework of numerous research projects. It covers a wide range of work in the field of rail transport. Effective implementation of tasks requires comprehensive theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills and professionalism.

Currently, over 25% of the Institute's staff employed in scientific, research and engineering positions are young people. They actively participate in research work carried out in teams led by experienced employees, acquire the necessary knowledge and skills and often conduct interesting scientific tasks on their own. On the initiative of young employees, new, unconventional methods of solving research problems are introduced, innovative technologies and technical solutions are proposed and implemented.

The monograph covers works performed by the Institute’s young staff. Their outcomes were presented at the IK Young Talent Symposium SYMTA 2021.

The gathered material was divided into seven thematic areas:

  • fire safety in passenger rail vehicles (Chapter 1),
  • testing and certification of rail vehicles (Chapter 2),
  • electromagnetic compatibility in rail transport (Chapter 3),
  • infrastructure elements  and their impact in rail transport safety (Chapter 4),
  • certification processes of railway technical solutions (Chapter 5),
  • simulation in tests and operation of rail transport elements (Chapter 6),
  • modern railway communications systems technologies as an element of railway digitalization (Chapter 7).

Each chapter is preceded by an introduction, prepared by experienced scientific and research specialists of the Institute.


Author: Collective work edited by Jarosław Moczarski, Dr Sc.

ISBN: 978-83-943246-9-8
Number of pages: 284
Bibliography: 308 items
Number of tables: 22
Number of drawings: 130
Year of publication: 2021