12.06.2019 11:23

Over 16 million PLN for Polish hyperloop

The Hyper Poland company obtained funding in the amount of PLN 16.5 million from the National Center for Research and Development (NCRD) in the Fast Track (Szybka ścieżka) competition. In addition, the company has so far collected over PLN 1 million in the equity crowd funding campaign on the British Seedrs platform.

The money from NCRD will be used for research and development on drive and suspension for all three stages of the development of hyperloop technology. The funds will be used to build test stands, to study linear drive and magnetic levitation. In a further stage, on the Railway Research Institute’s premises in Żmigród, a full-scale prototype of the vehicle will be created and a track with a length of over 500 meters, on which a magrail vehicle will be able to accelerate to 300 km / h.

Hyper Poland as the only company in the world has developed a way to adapt existing, normal railway tracks to the needs of levitating, magnetic railway vehicles. The technology developed in Poland is intended to allow ordinary trains and super-fast magnetic trains to interchange in existing railway corridors. Such an implementation of Hyperloop technology is to be several times cheaper than in the original idea, assuming the construction of vacuum infrastructure from scratch.

- Thanks to co-financing, R & D work necessary for the development of the hyperloop magnetic technology will be accelerated significantly. We will be able to build a full-size test track. Moreover, we will buy the necessary equipment and enlarge our team with outstanding specialists. The grant from the NCRD will enable us to complete the research and development work on the drive and suspension of the magrail system and the transition to certification and pilot implementations. - says Przemysław Pączek, president of Hyper Poland.

The Polish company dealing with the development of the magnetic railway project in 2019 will begin levitation and drive tests, during which the compliance of levitation parameters and the engine with numerical models will be checked. Furthermore, there will be carried out tests of electromagnetic compatibility, during which different engine control algorithms and engine overload tests will be compared, based on the analysis of the track response to the excitation caused by passing the test model. R & D work under the grant will last until mid-2022.

The investment in the Polish hyperloop through the equity crowd funding campaign on the Seedrs platform will still be possible for a short time.

Hyper Poland is a Polish company founded by engineers associated with the Warsaw University of Technology. In 2016-2017, the Hyper Poland team was awarded several times in competitions for hyperloop vehicles organized in Los Angeles and Dubai. For two years, the company has been developing its own technology project inspired by hyperloop. The Poles propose the implementation of the new technology in three stages: firstly, they want to introduce a magnetic railway for commercial use, which will be able to move at 300 km / h on already existing railway lines thanks to track modifications developed by Hyper Poland.

Additional materials:

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Source: https://www.hyperpoland.com/pl/